Website & Email hosting

You have a shiny new website, but how do you get it live on the internet? Leave it with me, I’ll get your website live by hosting it on my secure and speedy NZ based server.

Worry free hosting

When I host your website, you don’t have to worry about any of the nerdy things that keep a website
working, like patches, security, and dealing with IT staff that only speak in ones and zeros.

Info for geeks

  • 1GB disk storage per domain
  • 5GB mail storage per domain per month
  • 10GB internet traffic per month
  • Custom traffic & storage plans
  • Cloudlinux OS
  • PHP & MySQL
  • Unlimited email addresses per website
  • Protocols supported: IMAP, POP3, SMTP
  • Access emails anywhere via webmail

What is website hosting?

For your website to be visible and live on the internet, its files and database must be stored on a specialised server.

When someone types in your website’s domain name (e.g., it’s this server that processes the request and loads your website in the visitor’s web browser.

Why host with me?

Your website will be stored on a reliable, secure New Zealand server. This means your site is local and provides faster loading times for New Zealand visitors. It only costs $35 per month to host your website with me. This fee eliminates the stress of setting up your hosting plan, configuring emails, slow loading speeds, and other things people don’t think of. Leave the tricky technical things to me and focus on your own business.

Your website is backed up daily, and in the unlikely situation that is goes down, I will receive an alert within five minutes, and will restore your website from the most recent backup.

Free SSL certificate

I provide a free SSL certificate for each website I host. This helps ensure a safer internet by encrypting data from the website to your site visitors, so the data cannot be intercepted by hackers. This is a factor in Google’s search engine results, and sites without a SSL certificate may be marked as ‘non-secure’. If you are interested in finding out more about this, view my knowledgebase article here.

What does this cost?

Website and email hosting for one website is just $35 per month. This includes a free SSL certificate for extra security and trust, and unlimited email addresses.