Website repairs

Your site was hacked? Not to worry! I’ve seen a few hacked sites in my time, and often I can restore your site to its former glory in just a few hours. Hacking isn’t a nice thing to happen to your website, but unfortunately it can and does happen. Developers are always working to ensure websites are as secure as possible, but at the same time, hackers are working hard to find vulnerabilities in websites.

Keeping your website safe

If I built your website and I am hosting it on my secure NZ based server,
you don’t have to worry! I guarantee 99% uptime for all of the sites I host.

How I can help

If your website was built and hosted by me, I can quickly restore your website from a backup. I perform daily database backups of every website I host, and weekly backups of the website files. In the unlikely situation that a website I built and host is down, I will be alerted immediately and will restore the site at no cost to you.

If someone else built or hosts your website, I can take a look and it and let you know whether I can help, otherwise I’ll refer you elsewhere at no charge to you.

What’s this going to cost?

As mentioned above, if I built the website, and am hosting it on my secure server, there is no charge for hacking repairs. If the hacking is a result of you providing your password to a third party, or from using additional software, there will be a charge of $70 per hour.

Other hacking repairs will incur a fee of $70 per hour. A hacking fix will typically take between one and three hours.